MM eRemit Guide

MM eRemit Guide

1. Criteria to become MM eRemit user
2. Install MM eRemit app
3. Signup process for first time user
4. Login to MM eRemit App
5. Book a remittance
6. Make payment
7. MM Merchant pay eRemit booking

1. Criteria to become MM eRemit user
Customer must be registered by MM Promoter.
- the beneficiary account should also be registered by the promoter

2. Customer install MM eremit app on his phone
 from this link or scan this QR code below.

3. Signup process for first time user

If customer already login to mm eremit app before, please skip step 3. Go to step 4 straight away.

If customer is first timer, please signup first.

3a. Select Signup.

3b. Enter customer's mobile number.
3c. Tick "I have read and agree to the T&C"
3d. Tap SUBMIT button.

3e. A 6 digit TAC will be sent to the customer mobile number.

3f. Tap ok & wait for the sms to come, it might take up to 1-2 minutes.

3g. Enter the TAC received in sms to the MM eremit app.

3h. Repeat enter the new password twice, then tap [Create Account] button
(if signin with google accountm then the user will not need to remember password, evertime he can login the app with google account, fast easy & convenient)

4. Login to MM eRemit app

If during signup customer set password the now he login with mobile number & password.
If during signup he setup to login using google, now he use google account to login.

5. Book a remittance

5a. Do a booking by select beneficiary.

5b. Select beneficiary from the list. If the beneficiary is not in the list, please request promoter to add new beneficiary for you.

5c. Select the service provider of your choice, in thsi case NBL is selected.
5d. Enter the RM amount you want to send.
5e. Tap Next

5f. Select the purpose of this remittance.
5g. Tap Submit

5e. Check the beneficiary & the sending amount and tap SUBMIT button to cnfirm the booking.

5f. Your booking has been submitted successfully. Please tap [BACK TO HOME].

6. Make payment

6a. Go to any MM Topup Center.
6b. Open your MM eRemit app, tap [Pay Now] button.

6c. Select the booking that you want to pay for by tapping [Pay Now] button.

6d. Tap on the [Pay at MM Shop] button.

6e. Show the barcode to the shop attendant.
6f. Pay to shop the amount shown on the screen, in this case RM398.00.
6g. Transaction will be processed immediately after payment is done.

7. MM Merchant pay eRemit booking

MM Merchant can pay for eRemit booking via Terminal, MM Merchant Web.

For Terminal

7a. Update Terminal 
please update to the latest menu by doing the following steps:
1. Kemas kini
2. 39335 > Enter > Enter
3. F1 > Select Product > Ezeelink > Dedicated
4. Enter

7b. Pay eRemit booking with Terminal
From Terminal select
1. Remit MoneyPIN 
2. eRemit
3. Pay booking
4. Enter booking ID (for example from the booking in step 6d 84)
5. Enter HP number (for example 01234567890)
6. A slip with booking details will be printed, if details are correct, please press Enter to confirm payment.

For MM Merchant Web

7c. Pay eRemit booking with Web
1. Login to MM Merchant web
2. Go to section 10
3. Select item 10.1