1. Terminal troubleshooting

1a. Cannot print receipt

REBOOT terminal goto F10 reprint last transaction OR
print tranx <if you dont have the TID no just put>
3 - for the last 3 transactions
10 - for the last 10 transactions

Still cannot then SMS HELP: Help#My terminal cannot print transaction MID No 21234567

1b. Cannot connect 
- Reboot terminal IF STILL FAIL
- Take out SIM CARD (with terminal no power)
- Put back and try (IF STILL FAIL)
- Try with different TELCO SIM

- CME 107

1. Check POWER supply
2. Change the POWER supply to another electrical point
3. Still FAIL report to AGENT/ AGENCY for replacement

1d. Time Out 
Do a network test
C1 F2 1 then press ENTER (You will see)
T1:P0:F0 if receive HANTAR > TERIMA > OK after T5 then network is OK
If half way get error then REBOOT terminal

1e. Runtime Error 
Pls contact MM by SMS HELP
HELP:Ezeelink merchant code 81234567 terminal display runtime error

1f. Ezeelink Card PIN exceed pin entry
- This happens because the PIN entered at terminal is incorrect and
has exceeded 3 attempts
- Please advise customer to send SMS: HELP#Pls reset my ezeelink card no PIN
(SMS Must be sent from REGISTERED HP No)

1g. SD Card Error
- Peel off the black sticker located on the right side of the terminal
then push the SD card with your finger to take out then put back
and push it back for it to be securely locked
(REMEMBER DO THIS WITH THE TERMINAL OFF) Dont forget to put back the sticker

1h. Cannot update MENU
IF terminal displays " rangkaian ralat" OR " Sambungan tidak responsif"
Switch off terminal wait for 5 to 10 minutes then ON back and try again

1i. Printing not clear
Open the printer compartment, take out the paper and put back again properly
and try again by selecting
F10 Enter L1 (Announcement)

1j. Screen blank
Try rebooting, make sure there is power "green light" displayed
If still fail then change the terminal

1k. Sim error
-Switch off terminal
- take out sim card & put back
- on back terminal
(if same problem then send HELP#terminal show sim error merchant code 21234567 Sim card no XXXXXXXX)

1L. F1 to F10 no functions
- Update the terminal menu by pressing C2 > 12110 > Enter > Enter 
- Repeat until C2 > 12120
- Change terminal language to BM by pressing C1 > F1 > 4 > # > Enter.
For complete step by step guide see 10. Terminal Menu update