6. Prepaid Reload

Prepaid PIN

6a. PIN cannot be reload

1. Call Telco, give Serial number (NOT PIN) to check validity.
2. If PIN still valid (belum guna), check with MM on the PIN number correctness by SMS: HELP#TID No XXXXX <reload code> cannot be reloaded.
3. If Telco claims serial number NOT valid (sudah guna), please ask Telco 2 questions: (1) When was the PIN used? (2) Which HP number used the PIN?
4. If the PIN was used after the reload voucher was issued, MM will not be held liable. Otherwise email to MM to report you case.

Telco's call center number:
Maxis Hotlink - 11311 or 123 or 1800-82-1123 or 03-7492 2123
Celcom - 1111 or 1300-111-000
Digi - 016-221 1800
U Mobile - 018-388 1318
Tune Talk - 13100 or 03-79490000
XOX - 1300-888-010
Astro Njoi - 03-9543 8100
Merchnt Trade - 1900 Or 03-7728 8707

6b. Cannot print receipt
After you perform a transaction, and the receipt was never printed, please:
- Check balance to make sure the transaction have deducted your account balance.
- If no, the transaction was not successful, you can redo.
- If yes, you can reprint last transaction, go to  F10 > Print Last Tran
- If reprint fail, REBOOT terminal & retry.
- If fail to reprint after reboot, SMS: HELP#MID NO 21234567 cannot print last transaction.

6c. How to request for reprint if you lost the reload voucher?
- Go to F10 > Print Tranx > enter any number between 1 to 10, where the number entered will represent the number of last transactions you want to reprint.

6d. How to print a specific receipt where I knew the Transaction ID?

- Go to F10 > Print Tranx > enter the Transaction ID (No. Transaksi)

6e. I can't reprint a Transaction ID, what should i do?

- Make sure the Transaction ID you entered is correct.
- If the Transaction ID correct but still fail to print, please contact SMS to MM to request the PIN.
- SMS: HELP#MID NO 21234567 pls send PIN for TID 556677.

6f. How do I void the Prepaid PIN after issue from Terminal?

- Sorry we can't void any Prepaid PIN, because PIN number is already exposed.
- You can sell the PIN to the next customer.

Prepaid eReload

6g. How do i know the eReload transaction is successful?
- The customer will receive a successful topup message from the Telco.
- Should the eReload fail, the ESC will receive a SMS alert on the notification Hp. (Notification Hp is the Hp number registered with the ESC). If there is no SMS alert, then the eReload is confirmed successful.
- If you are notified on a failed eReload then you will be refunded immediatelly, please check your account balance.

6h. Customer complaint no reload?
1. Did you receive a fail eReload SMS alert?
2. If not then please lodge a report by sending email to crt@mobile-money.com.my\

6i. Why Terminal show "Failed to do e-Reload"?
1. Your eReload request failed, due to repeating same amount & hp number within short period of time.
2. Your money does not get deducted.
3. Solution: perform the transaction again with different amount or repeat after 5 minutes.