9. Bill Payment

Bill payment is available at F6 of EzeeLink Terminal

9a. How do i know bill payment is successful?

- All bill payments will be updated in 3 business days.
- Shall bill payment fail, Customer & ESC will both receive sms alert, see below sample sms.
- If no sms alert received, that means the bill is successful.

Sample SMS receives by Customer:
Bil RM5.70(TM) di Ezeelink pada 2012-11-2 telah gagal. Sila kunjungi kedai dgn resit P134772 ini supaya wang boleh dipulangkan kpd anda.TxnId:629895

Sample SMS receives by ESC:
Bil RM5.70(TM) oleh +60127127015 pada 2012-11-2 telah gagal. Sms SEMAK#P134772 ke MM utk butir lanjut dan pulangkan wang kpd pembayar.TxnId:629895

9b. Customer complaint payment not reflected in bill.
- All bill payments will be updated in 3 business days.
- If the bill shown was earlier than the payment date, the payment will only relfected on the next bill.
- Advice the customer to verify with the biller by, if payment still not updated, please email to mmcrtmail@gmail.com
- You SHOULD NOT refund to the customer until you verify with us. Please report to us by email & wait for confirmation.

9c. ESC accidentally key-in the wrong bill number
- Usually the bill number is not in sequence.
- So when you key-in the wrong bill number, the payment will most probably fail.
- If the bill fail to be paid, both ESC & Customer will get a sms alert and money will be refunded to ESC after 2 working days.
- If you still dont feel good, please write and email to crt@mobile-money.com.my to inform us to cancel the bill, we will try our best to help you pull back the bill, but no promise to the reversal.

9d. How to I check the bill is 
- Go to EzeeLink Terminal
- Press [F6]
- Select "Check Status"
- Key-in No. Transaksi of the bill payment
*No. Transaksi can be found on the receipt during bill payment.
- The Terminal will print the status of the bill payment.